The People's House

We wanted to think about the idea of common response: of how the things we read interweave and react with each other. Initially, it was a pamphlet Sarah printed for us using her printer credit (thanks Sarah) and a collaborative reading that took place during the first day of the conference. Then, we opened the call up again for more responses, and worked with the artists Holly Isard and Julia Utreras to turn it into a risograph-printed pamphlet. We wanted it to be something that thought about poetry as common spaceā€”for the people what belongs to the people. In the end, the printing process coincided with the lead up to the 2019 election: it feels so bound up to me now with that period of frantic hope, of endless hours of canvassing and campaigning, and with the total, visceral heartbreak of election night itself. We ended up holding the launch a few days after, at Burley Fisher Books in London, and it felt good to be with other people who felt the same, who had tried very hard, and were grieving. (from Daniya Baig's interview with Helen Charman at see also: (You must not mingle)

Try to be Better

Try To Be Better is a multi-disciplinary engagement with the idiosyncratic creative practice of W. S. Graham, foregrounding experiment and process. Contemporary writers and artists respond to prompts Graham left in notebooks and letters to create original poetry, illustration, sculpture, painting, scholarship and more. see:


A rehearsed reading of Anne Carson's translation of Sophocles' Antigone. Directed Edwina Attlee.

Laundry Rooms

Washing machine painting by Angela Shackel.

Lunch Poems

the cream

Roasting Baby

A true story. Though not mine. Published by if a leaf falls press, Sam Riviere's press; limited edition titles with an emphasis on appropriative and procedural writing processes. see: